You have an Conto Targa active and want to get invoice information? Here you will find answers


Electronic invoicing

As envisaged by the 2018 Financial Statements Law, starting from 1 January 2019 the electronic invoicing obligation for the supply of goods and services rendered between residents, established or identified in Italy will come into force.

Therefore, from that date invoices will be issued only in electronic format and transmitted to customers electronically through the Interchange System (Sdl), according to the technical rules set by the Revenue Agency.

The invoices in analog format will still be published in the dedicated Reserved Area and will have tax validity only if issued to parties not established and not identified in Italy as well as in other cases expressly provided for by the law in force.

How come I receive the bill from an electronic toll service provider (e.g. Telepass)? I signed a contract with Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda (APL) where I ask that bills be sent by APL every 30 days: why does this not happen?

The Number Plate Account Service cannot be provided in the presence of a Telepass-type on-board device (or one from another service provider) that is operating/active at the time of transiting through the toll collection portals. In that instance, the transits will be visible on the Telepass account (or one from another service provider), and the billing terms will be those laid down by the contract stipulated with Telepass (or with another service provider). If the User activates the Number Plate Account Service for a vehicle equipped with an operating/active on-board device, the transits will be charged to the Telepass account (or one from another service provider). In the event of on-board device deactivated/inoperative at the time of the transit, the toll will be charged and billed pursuant to the methods set out in article 2 of the general rules and conditions of the Number Plate Account Service.


On the invoice there is a misclassification of my vehicle, what should I do?

Please send a specific alert in the form "Info / service tolls Payment". The classification error will be canceled and terminated within the next bill.


How come I found on the invoice the undiscounted tolls for interconnection between the A9 and Como ring road?

It is of Autostrade toll for Italy S.p.A. on which Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda can not make concessions.


I activated the Number Plate Account, but I am also a customer of a company that provides electronic toll services (e.g. Telepass): from whom will I receive the bill?

Transits on Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda with on-board electronic toll device are billed by Telepass (or other service provider), whereas transits made without on-board device or in the event of failure by the device to communicate with the portal are billed on the Number Plate Account service.


Here you can download the GUIDE TO READING THE INVOICE