Ukraine humanitarian Emergency – Toll exemption Ukraine humanitarian Emergency – Toll exemption

In relation to the urgent provisions adopted by the Civil Protection to ensure, across the national territory, the reception, rescue and assistance of the Ukrainian population, toll exemption is extended  to Ukrainian citizens heading from the Ukraine, who enter the national territory as a consequence of the war events (Ordinance no. 876 of 13/03/2022 of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Civil Protection).

Due to the foregoing, the aforementioned categories may travel free of charge on the infrastructure to reach the first place of destination or reception, within a maximum period of 5 days from their entry into Italian territory. To benefit from the facility, the interested subjects must fill in and send a specific self-certification form to the address set out therein, within 10 days from date of entry into Italian territory.

The form and the information to benefit from the facility are available by clicking here.

The expiry date of the initiative will be published in this section.