What is the notice What is the notice

If tolls are not paid within 15 days solar and consecutive of the date of transit, Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda will send the client a late payment notice to his/her address.

The late payment notice bears an identification number and lists the vehicle information (license plate number and class), data regarding transit (date, time, gantry), amount to pay (toll plus other charges pursuant to art. 176. para. 11-bis of the Traffic Code) and methods of payment.

The late payment notice can be paid within the expiry date on the document. Failure to pay the amount owed will result in debt collection, plus other administrative expenses which will be charged to the debtor.


If you have received a late payment notice and believe that you have already paid, fill out and send the specific form attached to the notice or write to solleciti@pedemontana.com or call Customer Care at the number +39 02 39.460.460. 

WARNING! The request for payment is sent only to customers with a vehicle with an Italian license plate. The debt collection activities relating to customers with vehicles with foreign license plates are instead entirely delegated to a specialized company that sends a specific request for payment of the toll and administrative costs incurred for recovery.