Free APP - Pedemontana Lombarda Free APP - Pedemontana Lombarda

Free application "Pedemontana Lombarda"

The new "Pedemontana Lombarda" App is available, which in a few easy steps allows you to:

• pay the toll

• pay reminders for reimbursement

• recharge the electronic purse of your "Ricaricabile Pedemontana".

The App is Free! After entering a few essential data, the application will automatically recognize each access of the user profile and the associated vehicle license plates.


  • With the same credentials used for the App you can also access the online payment "Pay toll".

Through Credit Card or Prepaid Card, the customer can pay fast and at any time all the tolls accumulated over the past two weeks (remember that tolls are to be paid within 15 days of the date of transit).

Who rented a vehicle can directly select through the App the time range of the rent and pay only the transits relating to the lease period.